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Gear box Faulty

The average cost to repair a gearbox starts from about $2,500 for a Japanese car and up to an average $7,000 for a Continental car. If your car is already 7-8 years old it might not be worthwhile to spend that amount to repair the gear box.

Engine Fualty

Engine Check Light, Vibration, Oil leak. It is costly and time consuming to repair the Engine. How many times have your brought the car to the work shop and how many times have you repair the Engine with the same fault? Does it still make sense to repair the car?

Highest Offer

We are the expert in Exporting vehicles with faulty components like engine and gearbox. This is because our overseas customer buy these vehicles for its component like bumper, power window, head lamp, tail light and etc. Re selling to these group of buyers allows us to offer you competitive prices!

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Mr Nikitan who sold his Toyota Yaris recently shared his experience. 

Mr Azhar who sold his Suzuki shared his experience and recommendations.

Best offer regardless of Condition!

Broken Engine and Gearbox Welcome

 There are many ways to sell your car in Singapore. With today’s information technologies and various platforms, a car owner can simply take a few pictures of his car, write a short description and post his intention to sell his car on any online platform. In the  best case scenario the seller wait for a few days and the seller finds a buyer! The seller enjoys some saving by, bypassing the dealer or middleman. However, in most cases the seller wait for weeks or even months, while the seller pay for his monthly installment, road tax, insurance and other running cost, while his car value depreciates each day, without any potential buyer. Why is this so? Because many sellers are not aware that selling a car is not just merely taking a few pictures and posting it online and wait for the deal to happen. There are many other scenario that can happen as well. A few common scenario can that place, the seller might meet various potential buyers each with his obstacle, one buyer might need to sell of his existing car before buying another car, another buyer might need 70% financing for the purchase of the vehicle, and another buyer might look for after sales warranty so that he can purchase the vehicle with a peace of mind, others might want all the “wear and tear parts” replace at the seller cost. In addition, how are the payment going to be by from the buyer to the seller, how can the buyer ensure that the ownership of the vehicle is properly transferred? All these seems to be to much of a hassle and even a nightmare for some sellers.  Let us handle the sale of your vehicle, selling a car can be quick and simple if you leave the process to us. We travel to your location, provide a valuation for your car, transaction is done on the spot with immediate payment and car transferred. The service is free with no obligation while you sit back, relax and enjoy the more important things in life.