Guide to Encash PARF / COE Rebates for Registered Owner

We felt that there is a need to share this information, in the last few months we received increased in similar inquiries from direct owners with concerns and regards on how they can Encash their PARF / COE rebate from LTA directly after they have de-register (Click here for Guide to De-registering your 10 year old vehicle ) their vehicle.    

Below are the guide lines provided by LTA

Method 1. Apply Online

1. Log into
2. Click “Log in” > Select the appropriate access: Singpass – Singaporean & PRs
OR User ID & Password – for Foreigner / Company
3. Click on “Ownership” > Select “PARF/COE rebate” > Select “Apply to Encash Rebate” > Select Rebate(s) > Click “Yes”(Both COE and PARF Rebate) > Click I AGREE

Method 2 : Form Application

1. Complete FRO2 Form (download link) 
PARF/COE REbate reference number is reflected on the De-registration status notification issued by LTA

2. Submit FR02 Form
via Mail To
Attn: VRL Service Operations Division De-Registration Section
LTA, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701


Drop into Box 6, E-lobby at
LTA, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701

*Please note that Vehicle owner has to settle all outstanding matters eg road tax arrears, satisfactory proof of disposal of the de-registered vehicle before applying to encash the PARF/ COE Rebate.

*A Cheque will be issued to the rebate owner’s registered address within 1 month if the bank particulars is not updated before the encashment.

Alternative, if you prefer to get the full PARF and encashment immediately (at the point you handover your physical car) we are able to help you do so.

Contact WagonMate to help you dispose your car the hassle free way.

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